Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Needing a little inspiration

There are times in life, when even the best of us need a little inspiration. Its amazing how some days you can take on the world. Projects seem to just fly off your To-Do List, all the lights are green on your way to the office and, the day just pleasantly runs along until its suddenly time to go home and enjoy your evening. Yet, there are other days when the clock seems to tick at an irritatingly slow pace, your lust for life is missing in action. You start to wonder why inspiration is like the wind - some days it blows hard enough to knock your hat off, and others it is so calm it's erie.

No matter what kind of day you're having today, never fear - the wind is always there even if you can't seem to find it. Your kite will fly high again another day. And, if your lucky and today your kite is being pulled along by the wind, smile, and be sure to enjoy it.

You may find your inspiration for life comes and goes. And, fittingly so, your inspiration to eat well and exercise will too. So, if today a salad sounds like the most delicious thing on earth - go with it and feel enlightened about your choice. Alternatively, if today a salad sounds like tasteless cardboard with zero enjoyment don't beat yourself up, like inspiration for life your inspiration to eat right will waver too.

What's eating you today? If its your inspiration - just remind yourself, we all have those days and this too will pass.

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