Friday, February 18, 2011

Feeding Your Kids - What a Battle!

Probably one of the most common questions I get as a nutritionist are from mom's wondering how to get their kids to eat better. It may be a baby starting its first foods, a picky toddler who won't sit still to eat, or a 11 year old boy who won't touch his vegetables. It can be an everyday struggle to get your children to eat right.

It is your job to offer your children a choice of healthy foods. It is your children's job to decide how much if any they are going to eat. The trick is - don't give in. Keep offering healthy options. Eventually they will realize that chocolate puffs and cookies aren't on mom's menu, and start to eat the healthy foods you're offering.

Make it fun... use colour to brighten up their plates (ah-ha...I may be tricking you into getting more fruits and vegetables on their plates)...dips are always a fun addition to any kid's eating experience... make fun shapes out of foods.

And, most of all - eat too! Sit with your kids and eat the same things they are. They look up to you (even if they are in the midst of a stint of misbehaviour). They will follow your lead.

...heck, I followed my mom's lead. I used to think there was something wrong with butter as my mom never used it. Then I realized she was just trying to keep her waistline under control by avoiding "added-calories" such as adding butter on toast and potatoes.

My confession of today? I totally indulge in butter on my toast sometimes. It is delicious! And, in fact, its a better choice than margarine (but, everything in moderation of course).

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