Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Food in the News....

The evening news loves to tell us tales about food and health. Its a hot topic everywhere you look. Except, frequently the information contradicts itself. This really irritates me! Yes, my confession today - even I get sucked into watching the food story of the night on the evening news wondering, "Is that really true?". But, luckily, I'm trained on how to research and find the truth...

Let's talk about an example of a confusing 'Food in the News' - Vitamin E - is it good for you, or bad? Nutritionist know vitamin E is a vital nutrient that has many roles in the body including being a powerful antioxidant (prevents damage by free radicals). Yet, a while back there was a large study that suggested vitamin E supplements may increase your risk of death. The truth? The study participants all had major diseases and thus a naturally elevated risk of death - the news reporters misunderstood the study and reported it inaccurately. Vitamin E is good for you. Feel free to dig into some nuts, seeds and whole grains to get lots of this great vitamin.

So, for some fun, I've just added a "Food in the News Today" so you can see what's the latest news on food and nutrition. When contradictory stories come along I'll try to get you the 'low-down', the 'real-deal', the 'honest-truth' on the matter. If you beat me to finding a confounding food story - ask me about it, and I'll get digging.

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