Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is Food Gossip Affecting Your Health?

Let's get a grip on reality here. Sometimes we are so caught up in food gossip, we forget to stop and think it through.

When did a dried fruit become a bad food choice? "Oh, no.", a mother at the park said to me, "I don't give her raisins. They're full of sugar." You'll never know how hard I bit my tonge. I was dying to say, "What are you giving her instead? Fake-cheese flavour crackers? Yeah, sure...that makes sense."

When it comes to finding healthy snacks for your kids (and adults too), there are lots of options. But, don't loose sight of reality. You can argue that everything is a bad choice. We can even argue that fresh fruit contains pesticides!

Let's get real. Here's the good, better, best options for snacks at the playground (and the office).
The 'Okay': Snacks that say Made with Real Fruit
The 'Better': Organic raisin (miniboxes)
The 'Best': Fresh organic fruit
Note: 'Made with real fruit' does not mean it's fruit. It could mean that they simply use some fruit juice as flavouring. Be label savvy - read carefully.

My Confession...
Its so easy to get all swept up in food gossip. Oh, that's high in fat. Oh, that's full of sugar. Sure, even I, (with all my savvy food knowledge) can find myself nodding away with the mob at such comments. STOP! What nature makes is always best. Just because a package claims its better for you - it probably isn't. In fact, we'd all be better off (and the environment too) if we never ate things in pacakages again.

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