Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Healthier Easter Treats for Kids

Hippitty comes the Easter bunny ...with his basket full of chocolate and candy. The sugar can turn your kids crazy. It can make adults irritable. And, can get you off your spring diet and cleansing routine. Do you want a healthier alternative to chocolate easter eggs this year? Here are some alternative ideas:

1) Non-chocolate/candy Easter Egg Hunt
Grab some plastic easter eggs at the dollar store that open. Fill them with healthier alternatives like a box of raisins, or real-fruit gummies (and, I mean real-fruit like Annie's Bunnies), nuts or pretzels.

2) Get Crafty
Stickers, colouring books, sidewalk chalk and crayons are always a great surprise for kids to find on their easter hunt. Plus, it helps keep them busy at the family dinner.

3) Make it Fun
Change the focus from getting a bunch of chocolate and candy to the annual easter egg hunt. Depending on the age of your children, either hid eggs in the open, in hard to find places...or, for your more savvy hunters you can create written clues as to where the next egg is hidden.

My Easter Confession?
The artificial additives in milk chocolate give me a headache so for years my mother-in-law has packed my easter basket with alternatives like gardening gloves, flower seeds...and, even a fun paper windmill. There is more to easter than a sugar-high.

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