Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You Really Are What You Eat!

We can all hear our mom's saying it, "You are what you eat!". But, is there more truth to this saying than you may have originally thought? Donuts are round and dense. Gravy is dull looking and slow moving. Celery is crisp, slender and sturdy. Fish is quick and agile. Hmm...maybe we really are what we eat.

Sure, we all know that after stuffing our faces with with a super sized burger and fries we tend to feel sleepy, stuffed and sluggish. But, after tuna sandwich with some cheese and veggies on a delicious, fresh hunk of bread we feel satisfied, positive and refueled. So, what's do you feel like having for lunch today?

My confession of the day - I just can't bring myself to eat at super size places.I know too much about what it does to your insides. Yes, its true...ignorance is bliss! Too bad I don't have that luxury.

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