Monday, March 21, 2011

Guilty Eating

Why does food make us feel so guilty? It's not really fair.

It's Monday again. Anyone feeling a little guilty about what they ate this weekend?  Even if it was just one bad meal of pizza, wings and potatoe chips on Saturday night, we can be feeling terrible about falling off the healthy wagon. Do we feel the same amount of emotion about eating right? Maybe we should!

We should feel elated, joyful and excited everytime we eat something healthy. If we did, we'd be much happier people. If we did, we would spend most of our wakeful hours in a fantastic mood. Hmm, maybe that's some real food for thought!

My confession of the day - I am a nutritionist who doesn't feel very guilty about eating the odd unhealthy food. In fact, I like to use the "One Treat A Day" rule. I'm allowed one small guilty pleasure a day - but, without any guilt. Trust me - it works. Give it a try. I'm a terribly happy person because of it. Try it - and, go your food and your mood!

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