Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Stress: How not to gain weight over the holidays

One thing you can't forget this holiday season - stress won't just keep you up at night, it'll also add weight to your waistline.

It sucks! I totally agree. But, when you're feeling stressed about getting all the people on your list crossed off, baking three dozen cookies for the holiday party, and getting all the trim and decorations up your body is producing coritsol. Cortisol is a hormone that helps you get through a stressful situation. Originally, it was designed to help you out run a bear back in the days when we lived in caves, but today's stress isn't as easily found and lost again. Lifestyle stress, including holiday stress, just seems to linger and linger. Phew! My stomach is getting into a knot just thinking about it.

When your body is stressed it is in a state of hyper-awareness for survival and, it stores fat as a precaution in case their won't be food later. But, over the holidays is there ever NOT a plate of delicious, high calorie food around? So, you end up putting more and more weight on. Talk about the need for a diet plan after the holidays (Ah, ha! Maybe that's why we are all drawn to weight loss resolutions in the New Year?!).

Take a break! Get to a yoga class. Read a book. Go for a walk. Or, even just take a few deep breaths while you read this. Love yourself - try not to stress too much and enjoy the holidays!

My Confession - I'm not sure if it's stress, shortbread or an evolutionary drive to put weight on when it gets cold outside but, I'm always finding my waistline a little tighter after the holidays. Either way - those shortbread sure are delicious! Yum.

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