Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Healthy Summer BBQs

Summer fun always includes good friends, good food and bbqs! When bringing out the BBQ this summer here are some tips to make it a little healthier:

1. Use dry rubs versus wet, gooey sauces - they tend to blacken less.

2. Don't eat black - the black char on your meat or veg is not healthy for you.

3. Avoid the BBQ if you're pregnant or breastfeeding - some concerns exist around the consumption of harmful compounds on blackened BBQ foods.

4. Add some veg to the mix - sliced sweet potato, carrots, zucchini lightly brushed with olive oil are delicious. Keep the pieces big to help them from falling through the grates on the BBQ. For smaller vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, onions, mushrooms put them in an aluminum foil packet with a little oil (add a tsp of butter with a clove of garlic for a crowd favourite.)

5. Turn down the heat - cook your food a little slower and its more juicy, less burnt and delicious!

My Confession? I love to eat BBQ food. There is something so delicious and fun about it. But, I'm terrible for turning up the heat too high. Treat your BBQ more like an oven (slower, longer cooking times are generally easier to master and keep the food cooking the way you want it).

Have a favourite BBQ tip or recipe. Share it with us!

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