Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beating the Summer Heat

It's summer. And, in some parts of the northern hemisphere its in full swing. Today, I am sitting in humid air that feels like 40 degrees C.  What are some strategies to beat the heat - au natural?

1. Drink plenty of fluids.
Get back into carrying a water bottle around with you. Drink, drink, drink. Fill the fridge with a pitcher of water, portable drinks, filled water bottles.

2. Freeze Treats
Place some treats in the freezer so you can enjoy a cold, healthy snack and avoid the less healthy alternatives like freezies and ice cream. Cut up watermelon, grapes and blueberries and freeze them. Delicious. Use all natural, pure juice to make popsicles. Make flavoured ice cubes to splash up your water.

3. Dress Right
Wear broad rimmed hats. Loose fitting cotton clothing. Wear sandals.

4. Enjoy it!
Pull out the lawn chairs, go for a stroll down by the water...and enjoy summer (in these Canadian parts it doesn't last very long).

My Confession - I don't do well in heat. I get headaches and can be cranky. That's because I don't drink enough and tend to forget to eat when I'm hot. Don't be like me...beat the heat.

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